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  1. sadly i dont own that much i just have a mangafox account and anime on demand
  2. LOL even manga , you really have a big mind ^,^ and lucky you T___T i only put my mood in the anime i am watching and i don't watch or read XD unlike you of course , for me i repeat things but from time to time like if i watched a new anime after i finish it i repeat an anime that i have seen for a lo--------------ng time LOL and like that XD , the only manga that i have read it Ouran High School Host Club and it was fun to read it >,< i am trying now to read NANA's manga but i didn't find a good web that i can downlaod it from becasue i am lazy to read online LOL ... you must have now like A LOT of animes and manga since you finish almost all of them in the same time lol XD .... =^_^=
  3. very much so, i even throw in some rosario vampire as a manga.sadly i miss some things, but it gives me reasons to repeat things and you?
  4. oooo you are a busy man watching all that animes in one time >,< i am unlike you i can watch only one anime in the time ... do you enjoy watching all that animes in one time ? .... =^_^=
  5. im watching kanaan, clannad, samurai harem(not a porno X)) and disgaea. all very interesting, and kinda trippy
  6. good to hear that you have been good XD lol ... T___T i know what you mean the that made me sad too , but they said that they will fix it >,< well i hope they fix it soon~ ...
    ^_^ until then you should wait T,T i should wait too lol ... so what have you been watching lately^^ , i have been watching Nana ^.^ very great anime !! >.> but i finished it and now i will start reading manga X3 ... =^_^=
  7. ive been good. finally got a new stuff on my DA account, and im trying to upload new stuff here, but the upload isnt working *HEADDESKHEADDESK
  8. Hi Hi ^,^ ... yes we haven't talked for such long time i think a year since thwe last time i were on AO *thinking* , XD i am good >,< thanx for asking ^^ , how have you been ... =^_^=
  9. hey there how ya been, been a while since i last heard from ya
  10. ooo i see i hope all your planes goes very well , and i am sure and believe that everything is going to be ok ^^ ... =^_^=
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