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  1. XD thanks i like the cute pics so much X3 mewo ... but you are the big fan of final fantasy and that is very nice , ooo tell me what is your favorite anime XD , ... =^_^=
  2. did you make the pictures in the 1st album, they're really nice.
  3. i hop that you find the right one for your band ^_^ , oo right which part of the band our are X3 ... =^_^=
  4. we've been coming along, but things have been getting complicated, we lost our sponsor, and we're looking for a new one.
  5. X3 , good that you are good ^^ , oo right i have read your story it is very nice and i really liked it ^-^ , and how is everything with your band ....=^_^=
  6. I've been good. Can only get on through my school. Nice to finally talk to you.
  7. XD Nu~ , well where i am ummm at home lol JK , the school took all my time T-T that is why i don't sit on AO that much @_@ ... and i missed you too lol ... and how i have been umm tired and boring and half sleepy in the class XD , what about you how have you been ^-^ and sorry for the late answering ... =^_^=
  8. new chapter in the final fantasy fanfic, check it out!
  9. where are you, i miss u... we need to talk more. JK, how have you been?
  10. wow very cool .. a band that is nice XD you must enjoy your time with your friends ... and i want to say GOOD LUCK with your band .. =^_^=
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