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  1. wow.. i like that saying *smile* but yeah, it doesn't matter what others think, what you like is what you like. it makes you unique!!
  2. you got that right, if it matters to you, it is the only thing important, kinda like something I heard a little while ago:

    " if it sounds right you'll hear it,
    if it looks right you'll see it,
    if it's marketed right you'll buy it but..
    if it's real you'll feel it."

    I think its the same thing.
  3. exactly. so don't worry if people hold it against you. you should be proud of what you like, it separates you from the crowd.
  4. more power to you for not caring how people criticize what you like, if you like it it should be up to you what you like to watch or not, not theirs.
  5. Why would people hold it against you? there's nothing wrong with liking what you like. I say I like Inuyasha and even if people criticize me I still like it
  6. Devil may cry, anime, other stuff that I wont list in a comment people can read at any time and hold against me...
  7. well i don't know very much about FF but yeah, I like it.What else do you like?
  8. Im good, so, you into final fantasy or anything? (looking for common ground,lol)
  9. nice to meet you too. how are you?..................
  10. OOOOOHLALA, random post lol, anyway, nice to meet you...
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