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  1. new chapter in the final fantasy fanfic, check it out!
  2. it should still be try that
  3. Send me a link to your DA.....................................
  4. I kinda cant get on to DA yet, you'll have to add me.sry...
  5. I dont know what you missed I havent been on here too much my self, I'm more active on my DA Deviantart so if you have a DA add me lol!
  6. Not too bad, nice to hear from you, what did I miss, went through a dry spell.
  7. Ya Its been ages! Im good, just been really busy lately! how have you been?
  8. Yo, how ya been, been a while since I heard from ya, how are things goin' for ya, anything new?
  9. Great and how about your self? not too much over here!
  10. yo, how ya doin; its been a while my freind where you been?
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