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  1. i know ;D jk so are you!-hugs- i friggen love you too!!
  2. YAAAAAYYYYYY! your the best!!! (I FRIGGIN LOVE YOU!)
  3. -hugs and kisses back- valentines day isnt til the 14... lol oh well (yea i will!!)
  4. (hugs and kisses) oh well, i'll wait, happy valentines day! (be my valentine please!)
  5. awww im srry -huggles- its otay! lol ^_^ and i do need you u know? cuz ur my frand and i always need that lol
  6. AWWWWWW You have a bf, that always happens! Oh well, Im here if you need me (please need me, I have no freinds, lol JK about the freinds part.)
  7. thats sweet! lol xD just got done with state tests which i hate... lol awww i love you too! (only like a brother cuz i gotta bf!) lol and yea i guess i kinda did go out of my way... lol xD
  8. its all good, just one band world tour richer, you? (You went out of your way to talk to me? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
  9. hey!! whats up? its been sooo long since i talked to u last!! so hows everything going?
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