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  1. hello again, how has your day been, mine has kinda gotten better, made and angel food cake correctly for once today, so thats my highlight.
  2. its actually pretty easy, well, class is almost over, gotta go... see ya later lol!
  3. Haha that's quite a wide difference there don't ya think
  4. Nice to hear, im gonna move on to Itt tech, and then hopefully open my own buisiness, be it with food or software.
  5. cool ^^ I'm going to Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio! I'm gonna be a graphic designer ^^
  6. Im okay, nice to hear fromyou, what colledge do you go to?Im working on le cordon bleu
  7. Yeah it has been quite a while...I've just been busy with personal life and college so...yeah...I'm alright as I'll ever get right are you?
  8. Yo, how ya been, been a while since I heard from ya, anything new with ya?
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