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  1. Eh...can I report it to you since, like, I'm already talking to you? Or do I just go click the little report button on the thread? @.@
  2. If it's close and they just changed some words, then I would consider it plagiarized. Report it is my advice and someone in the staff will take a closer look to make the decision.
  3. Ah, good, because I think that someone stole lyrics to a song and made it into a poem. Because, the poem maker has tweaked the lyrics a little and put in a few of their own words, so yeah...and posted it here on AO...don't know if that's against teh rules, though...^^'
  4. It's your decision as you aren't required to report it, but doing so would help us...which is good.
  5. Hm...just a quick question. If you see someone, like, do something against the rules like plagerized content, should you tell a mod about it if they haven't found yet? Just wondering...
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