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  1. Hello, it's been a while hasn't it ?
  2. Hi, how are you?
  3. Hello, haven't talk to you in a while. ^^
  4. Oxnard is a sleepy town. It used to be all farmland.. now people are starting to come round. It is near Santa Monica where the family business is. It's nice there since there are lots of artists and musicnians there. Just expensive. Ever consider moving?
  5. Nah, my town is a shithole, not in a violent way but a boring way. And everyone is close-minded and ignorant.
  6. I'm all the way in Oxnard, California. Thinking of moving to Vegas. Are you happy in Massachusetts?
  7. I am from Massachusetts, how about you ?
  8. Hi. Sometimes I read books by the Dalai LLama. Good stuff. My crunchyroll username is desxms. Yes there are too many kids. Not enough family planning. I already have two nephews and they run around all over the place. lol.

    Where are you from?
  9. I follow the philosophy of Buddhism and Zen too. I wish to reach enlightenment one day, it's gonna be hard though. That's pretty interesting that you're into it to. I don't want kids either, there's already to many of them around, lol. I joined that site. What is your username on there, I'll friend you.
  10. lol thanks for the compliment. Nice to message someone. Haven't had a conversation for awhile since my dad got stroke. Mostly see family members and doctors. I try to take breaks but I need to learn Maya to get employed. Hope my aspirations aren't beyond my ambition.

    Your avatar makes me hungry for noodles. I like Mami King noodles but that's all the way in the valley.

    Right now I'm single and mostly tried free dating sites. Anime online though is fun since I get to blog my thoughts. I like Japanimation and the cyberlounge. Don't like sexting.. kinda perverted. I'm becoming more religious and like buddhism. I don't know if I want marriage. Don't want kids. Not maternal. I'm a Taurus Tiger in the zodiac.

    I'm just focused on my Dad and Maya. Bout u?
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