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  1. You need to take a break so you don't wear yourself out. And no, I am not Asian but I am very fascinated with Chinese and Japanese culture. Hope you don't think this is out of line, but I think you're really cute.
  2. who I am is overworked and underpaid. lol. I'm trying to learn Maya Unlimited to get a job. Right now I'm in Oxnard where there are no computer 3d rendering classes so I have to teach myself 3d to get a job.

    I'm going to Philippines November. My father is getting heavier to lift.

    How's things with you? Are you asian? I like korean and chinese teleserias. I haven't seen an anime for awhile. I liked skipbeat for awhile. Just ate some spaghetti.

    Sis introduced me to It's a good anime site. Should visit it more.
  3. I'm good thanks, I didn't realize you were so busy but then again who am I to say who you are, lol.
  4. Hi.. lol No not scared. Just busy. gotta go the Philippines to help my crippled father. Glad your good. Cars are too expensive. I didn't qualify for the Obama's clunker deal. oh well. I like noodles too. How are you?
  5. lol, did I scare you off, sorry. ^^'
  6. I'm good, just letting ya know I've always had a thing for Asian women.
  7. yes that's me 3 years ago. Thanks for the friendship request. My hair has grown some. How are you? Just got back looking at cars and bought some t-shirts.
  8. Is that you in your profile pic ?
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