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  1. i will thanks andi hope you have a good feast as well
  2. Happy Thanksgiving Day! Will enjoy black Friday.... he he. Oooh turkey makes me sleepy. Hope you had a great feast.
  3. i am not sure lol i procrastanate to much but i am looking at a michale myers
    outfit he has always been a fav. of mine ad i might buy some candy im a bit old
    for trick or treat >.> but the costumwill be great for the haunted houses i might go to
  4. Hugs back to you! Made me feel warm and toasty. Shares a virtual cocoa with marshmellows with you. lol. I just saw "Blades of Glory". Hilarious movie. Expecting "Leslie Nielsen's 2001 Space Travesty" in the mail. I'm in Oxnard, CA to do more digital art. I wish my nephew would stop wasting electricity and water. What will you be on Halloween? I'll be a female Indiana Jones. My nephew will be Thomas the Train. He got scared at the Halloween display at Target. What a chicken! Hope you get lots of candy.
  5. sorry you love life sucks for now but i wouldnt worry
    to much because im sure you will find a guy who will
    be into you , and for those palm readers you really cant
    rely on them. i will say though im in that same boat but i
    dont let get me down. *hugs* theres a hug for you hope that
    helps you a bit today
  6. Hi Holder. How's it going? So far my love life sucks since I don't have any. Two psychics say I'll marry in the future and I'll move. I don't know if that's true but I'm just happy the price of gas went down. Just got back from shopping and hope you enjoy your day.
  7. It's unusually cold here now. I didn't buy the ds lite since i couldn't find a french tutor. They only sell Spanish. I just watched the presidential debates and really do not think McCain knows what he is talking about. I don't trust Palin. Going to mail some books to swap with other books at Also like since they let you watch free anime. Have a great day!
  8. its cold here but i like it like that and it sounds like your picky ike i am when it comes to buying a decent game which i dont blame you since paying that kind of money you should get what realy makes you happy. right now im just reading through my emails and stuff and thought i would say hey and hope your day is going good.
  9. Hi HODC! I'm just working on my online store and got a good deal on a toki doki bag! They are hard to find and all sold out in some sites. I'm teeter tottering about buying a Nintendo DS Lite. It is fun but the games are expensive and I don't know which games are any good. It is hot here in Oxnard. Good to hear from you. How is it there?
  10. hey again droping a hello and hope your day is going good
    talk to you later O.O
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