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  1. Thank you and I hope you had a wonderfull Thanks giving your self. Yeah, we have tons of Turky left as well as a lot of pie.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving Scourge! Hope you had a great dinner... looks like more turkey sandwiches for me.
  3. True, do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life again. I guess this how ever it taking to the exstream as to now all he does is play games but now has no life... I'm sorry but I love games, how ever I find being in a PHYSICAL/REAL loving relationship better then ANY game out there. Thats funny though if you think about it. Some people have to work hard and have no life while some hardly work to have no life.
  4. One guy who was obsessed with video games got a job as a video game tester at his favorite video game company at $24/hr. Do what you love right? He just called them, offered his services and got a tour and was hired. The only problem is it's not much exercise unless it's Wii fit. I'd play video games more but suck at it, but yeah it is pathetic when you think the virtual world is more important than real life. lol.
  5. Thanks and I hope you do as well. That really was not a dibate of any sort, it was just a circus. Well, I'd much rather have McCain be the victore and all that goes on with him then Obama. His polocies suck. Any way hope everything is working out with you on your end.
  6. I saw the presidential debates and laughed about "Joe the Plumber". McCain just mentioned him over and over. My sis thinks McCain or McPain as she calls him walks like a penguin. Obama was more articulate. I don't trust Palin as VP. Going to mail some books. Hope you have a great day Scourge.
  7. Well I hope you get the money you lost back soon so you will be able to enjoy your cruze that much sooner. I need to register to vote my self, keeps sliping my mind with all the other stuff I have to deal with. Yeah, the economy is rather weak right now, but the good news is that it is recovering, even though it's slowly coming around, I am just happy that it is.
  8. A plastic cover - good idea. No telling what my nephew would do. Lol. Still saving up for the voyage. Lost some money at mutual funds since the bad economy. Never voted in my life. Going to find out how. Hope I'm not too late. My brothers are grown and have their own place in Santa Monica. My nephew is 3 and will be Thomas the Train on Halloween. Haven't decided what I'll be yet but will enjoy the free candy! lol.
  9. You can keep your Nephew, I have two younger brothers to handle and deal with and my own roudy Nephews. Well sorry about the now sticky apple smelling lap top. Your sis mite want to get a plastic cover over the new one this time. Also, I hope you enjoy your voiage, you lucky, lucky, girl.
  10. Today we go to frys to see new computers. My sis had a laptop but my nephew spilled his apple juice all over it so it doesn't work. My nephew is cute but is a real brat sometimes. Rather than repair the laptop my sis will save up for a new computer since she likes to burn dvds. Yes the strawberries and grapes from the local farmers market are really good. I'll send them to you along with my nephew. lol. Nephew had them for breakfast. Decided not to buy the nintendo ds lite. Saving up for a vacation instead. Norwegian cruise goes to mazatlan and puerto vallarta. Really want to go to Disneyworld someday. Used to live where the fires are. Here in Oxnard it is just hot and windy. A storm is supposed to come but hasn't yet. Enjoy your day. - des
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