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  1. please submit your character sheet at your earliest convenance.
  2. Your welcome. As soon as you submit your character page we will be able to get approved right now we have 4 people, with you that makes 5. 5 players is the requirement. Thanks again for your participation.
  3. Yes, just follow the rules and create a character format. Thank you. Your participation is greatly apriciated.
  4. Here you go my friend. This is a link to the location for you to post your character and get started:
  5. Well I can post a thread to The RPG idea forum if you would like.
  6. I'm refering to making our own Death Note based roll playing game there is a whole forum about RPGs and they are quite common most people on here RP
  7. Likewise. I was wondering if you would be interested in a Death Note RPG?
  8. Hello...................fellow L fan, How are you Ryu?
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