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  1. Oh, I've always been a huge fan. Used to watch them on the telly, but didn't get the right channel when we moved to the States, so I watch them online. I believe the one now (with that guy, David Tennant, as the Doctor) is the ninth season, but I'm not sure.
  2. from this video i loved Dr.who how how i will become after i see the rest of the videos >_< .... nothing i am now living a freedom moment by end the school .... so how have you been fan of Dr.who ... =^_^=
  3. Missed you, too!

    Dr. Who is great, isn't it? I've been watching Torchwood (a series that branched off from it) and keep remembering how much I loved it.

    So, what have you been up to?
  4. Hi Hi .... how are i missed you >_< , and thanks for the video it was fun to watch it and i wish if i have the same think of Dr. Who to shut up Lauren Cooper ... =^_^=
  5. Well, that was nice of your father. Good luck on the exam! I'm sure you'll do well. English = best subject ever.

    That reminds me (for no apparent reason) of this clip I saw for Red Nose Day way back when . . . Here: Lauren Cooper vs. Dr. Who.
  6. that is right the teachers look happy when they give to us the exam paper .... and it is not fun studying but i love studying English and i have English exam on Saturday and dad know that i am good at it so he allowed to me to sit on AO .... =^_^=
  7. Oh, good luck with your exams! Tests are fun to give people; not so much fun to take . . . That's one of the many things I have learned.
  8. OOOO that is cool >_< .... oh right i am taking my exams next week so talk to you after that , take care of your self ... =^_^=
  9. I'm only 5'11", so not that tall and my hair is currently brown (I do mean things to it). It was originally brown, so I've decided to return to how I ought to look.
  10. >_< that look cute ...then let me tell you how i Imagen you are you tall with brown hair ...
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