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  1. Well, there you go! I do usually wear my glasses when I'm reading.
  2. mmm because i heard that everyone who like reading wearing glasses ... and i asked you because every time i talk to you i Imagen you wearing glasses >_<
  3. I do sometimes; when I'm not in the mood for them I pop in my contacts. Why?
  4. WOW many books that is great , so tell me do you wear glasses like your avatar^_^
  5. If I sold my manga collection alone at half the price I purchased it, I could afford a semester at my (private) university. That does not include the rest of the books I have. I have more books than clothes and food.
  6. ooo you work at bookshop very cool , tell me do you read a lot of books ^_^
  7. I do get tired, but the average work week in America is 40 hours. I work at a bookstore.
  8. oooo you work 20 hour don't you get tired @_@ .... what do you work ??
  9. My holiday consists of going to work. Fun . . . lots of fun. Working at least 20 hours a week, so that's not SO bad.
  10. thanks ... *stop crying* i hate study but i have to because i am about to finish school but not in this year the next year -_^ ,so tell me are you having good time in your holiday ... ^_^
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