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  1. I am sorry big brother, I am just out of it and speaking non-sense. Just forget what I have said. I don't feel the same anymore, just tired and weak. But thats still no excuse for what I did say. I apologize. I am letting the thoughs in the back of my mind speak for once...again I am quite sorry.
  2. Well I love books too, but work in a bookshop can still be very booring...

    Awwww... geee... that sucks. Well but you won't be as far away as me and Ray, if that helps in any way
    And you will Bhrett ^^
  3. Hai hai... we rarely do anything frivolous...but we've always been like that. Unless we know for certain that we have a good amount of free cash after bills are paid and food and gas will be covered, we go nowhere and buy nothing that isn't neccessary.

    It's my husbands job, unfortunatly it is commission based; and while the potential is great to earn 3000 on a singular client (he does insurance)...no one is buying anything right now and so no money is coming except for a few he'd made a month ago...which, thankfully, were decent in size...but it takes forever for that stuff to go through...we're just now getting the first commission. He is in search of something with steady pay that can take care of bills...but it's difficult. I'd get a job too, but we only have one car, live in the middle of nowhere and can't afford to get a sitter or pay for a nursery to watch our son. We'd ask our parents, but one of his lives out of state and one is disabled and both of mine work full time and one of them has two jobs...so it's difficult. ~.~ Gomen, i don't mean to rant...i'm feeling a bit better today, though, we'll pull through...we just have to stay strong, ne?
  4. arigatou ^.^ So what's new latly? Personally i've been a little down and worried...financially speaking...i've been remaining positive until recently...now i can hardly sleep ~.~ It's hard staying positive.
  5. lol ^^ well lucky you to have lots of work at ur workplace, the only time I worked, I got so little work I hated it soooo much that I think I don't want to work in a shop again ^^ lol The only problem is that I don't know where else I could work >.<

    Well you can spend more time with your lass another time ^^ It's not like you're hurying anywhere now are you? ^^
  6. I hear you on the decline of grammer when it comes to messengers.....i don't do that texty...abbreviated everything crap, though...i hate texting....it, too, makes me want to b!#ch slap a few people ^_^ And as for the toddler thing...if i'd had him that much sooner i would have still been in High School....and i didn't know my husband then O.o
  7. Hello, it seems like I can't keep a pm going lately.
    I miss our long conversations but I think I'm screwed now that I can't get on AO hardly anymore.....*sigh*
  8. lol ^^ The only time I played pool, I had such beginers luck, everyone thought I play a lot.. No, wait, there was another time I played pool... but it was with my cousin and my sister and some little random kids and obviously we all played bad enough for me to still look cool.

    Group date, a? sounds fun

    My trip to Italy? it was pretty great, all these places and things to see. ^^ But it was also quite exhausting- dad was trying to race through the whole city... and I also missed Ray a lot. This reminds me I have to upload some pictures ^^

    What's been up with you? How is school?
  9. OOOO that is cool >_< .... oh right i am taking my exams next week so talk to you after that , take care of your self ... =^_^=
  10. *hugs* Bhrett!!!!! I've missed you so much!!!! ^^ How have you been?! ^^
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