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  1. It's only as boring as you allow it to be. Sometimes when things are slow and I'm the only one working I stage an epic war between the staplers . . . or, you know, read.

    Thanks for encouraging me.
  2. Well I love books too, but work in a bookshop can still be very booring...

    Awwww... geee... that sucks. Well but you won't be as far away as me and Ray, if that helps in any way
    And you will Bhrett ^^
  3. Well, I did clothing retail for a while and HATED it. But now I work with books and I LOVE books, so it makes it better. Just find something you love and work with it (but not too much or you'll end up loathing it).

    I'm not hurrying, but I would like a real relationship to actually work for a decent amount of time and she'll be moving across the country soon enough, about 2290 miles away . . . So . . . Ugh, I wish I could just find someone and be happy.
  4. lol ^^ well lucky you to have lots of work at ur workplace, the only time I worked, I got so little work I hated it soooo much that I think I don't want to work in a shop again ^^ lol The only problem is that I don't know where else I could work >.<

    Well you can spend more time with your lass another time ^^ It's not like you're hurying anywhere now are you? ^^
  5. Well, I really suck at pool. Embarrassingly so.

    The group date was kinda fun. I didn't get to spend much time alone with my lass, though, so I was mildly disappointed. At least she had a good time.

    I'm glad you had fun on your trip! Ray missed you, too.

    School has been over for a few weeks. I've mostly been working. Lots and lots of work . . . yay.
  6. lol ^^ The only time I played pool, I had such beginers luck, everyone thought I play a lot.. No, wait, there was another time I played pool... but it was with my cousin and my sister and some little random kids and obviously we all played bad enough for me to still look cool.

    Group date, a? sounds fun

    My trip to Italy? it was pretty great, all these places and things to see. ^^ But it was also quite exhausting- dad was trying to race through the whole city... and I also missed Ray a lot. This reminds me I have to upload some pictures ^^

    What's been up with you? How is school?
  7. I've been great! I'm a bit tired because I came back late from a group date last night . . . minorly humiliated because I suck at pool so much . . . but I've missed you, too! How was your trip?
  8. *hugs* Bhrett!!!!! I've missed you so much!!!! ^^ How have you been?! ^^
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