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  1. Dvine kun can you pm me when you log in i need someone to talk to
  2. Divine Kun long time not talkie.......lookie who misses you..... long time no hear from yo my friend
  3. missed yah lots Divine Kun not much happening how is life in the big Univ? hope all is well . hugs ***
  4. that is cool.well hope i get to talk to you soon. i miss you lots my friend!
  5. Oh, it's been ages! How have you been, dear? I've just been watching some old Monty Python sketches . . .
  6. Divine kun! how are you ! t***tackles**** how are you missed talking you dude! hugs
  7. Oh, good luck on that one. Nothing scarred half as much as the "Birds and Bees" conversation with my mother . . .
  8. i try Divine kun. that is all i can plus can't say am the best am stilllearning since i have a boy. kinda hard answering the birds and the bees question
  9. Bonding with one's child is very important. You're a good mother.
  10. coolies!!!!! me well bonding with my son and my best friend.***hug *** just missed you a lot that is all
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