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  1. I did, thanks. Spent a day with my little sister and bonded; that was nice.
  2. been okayh i guess but missed a lot of you guys. hope you have a great week end
  3. No poking!!! Ahhhhhhh! **dies**

    I've just been working, really. Lots and lots of work. It's fun, though, the bookstore. I'm happy there, raking in a whopping $6/hour. I'm getting trained to be a visual merchandiser, so I may be on payroll instead of hourly next semester, which would be great.

    Sorry, I started rambling, didn't I? How have you been?
  4. Divine!!!! i miss talking to you! **poke ribs***what have you been upto
  5. That's true. Quite a number of members rely on school to get online and play around . . . which is a little backwards.
  6. cool! well i do miss talking to some of the others they don't come online may because school is out.
  7. I've been keeping busy, too. Lots of work, lots of internet, lots of bonding with my family and friends.
  8. work tennis and more quality time with my son i know i have a lot to catch up on with him in regards to time since i work. and going out with bout you how is everything and of course been busy with AO i really like this site
  9. Good girl. You know you're better than he is; you deserve better. How are you keeping busy?
  10. am feeling better i guess keeping myself busy. record breaker that i have not tried to text the guy or call him. but i am keeping my self busy
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