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  1. I'm great, thanks! How are you, Sara-chan? Do I find you well?
  2. **ne Divine kun***Pokes and waves*** how are you hope you are okay!
  3. I understand what you mean; it's the same for me. But don't worry! Good things come to those who wait (even if good guys finish last).
  4. thanks for the hug. (sob) i am not definitely having good luck with guys when it comes to this kinda relationship. guy friends i have lots......just not having good luck with this type or relationship.
  5. Oh, no! **hug** You can let it out; just remember that you did the right thing.
  6. yup i guess but still it hurts bad and well i don't know feel like a good cry coming
  7. Oh, dear. It's good that you let him go. Drop him like a bag of rocks! Possessive is never good; outbursts are worse.
  8. he was getting too possessive and well jealous of peeps he shouldn't i didn't like it and i was not comfortable with his out burts
  9. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. You did the smart thing, though; never go out with someone who scares you.
  10. am okay but i do feel a bit bad i broke off with the guy i am dating. he was kinda freaking me out. but over all am okay
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