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  1. We have not yet reached that point, thankfully; we have enough to get through a few months as long as we don't buy anything we don't need, we'll be alright. I just get super anxious when the pay isn't steady. He should be able to find something before long, he's not let us down and there is already a prospect's not the best pay, but it will pay bills and there is a chance for advancement so....cross your fingers.

    I must stay positive! I can't go back to being the anxious-ridden....making myself sick with worry type. I've moved beyond that and i must be strong; if i don't i'll be of little use to anyone, and i have our home and child to take care of and i have to be strong for my husband, too, because he fears letting us down. I must be strong and reassure him and believe in him...and i do ^^. We'll be alright, we always are...this always seems to happen, and we come out stronger every time so, wish us luck.
  2. Hmmm, have you gotten help from a Church organization? It's embarrassing, but there was a time when my family was so poor we needed donations or we'd be kicked onto the streets, so sometimes you have to suck up your pride.

    Oh, that is tough . . . at least you're staying positive.
  3. Hai hai... we rarely do anything frivolous...but we've always been like that. Unless we know for certain that we have a good amount of free cash after bills are paid and food and gas will be covered, we go nowhere and buy nothing that isn't neccessary.

    It's my husbands job, unfortunatly it is commission based; and while the potential is great to earn 3000 on a singular client (he does insurance) one is buying anything right now and so no money is coming except for a few he'd made a month ago...which, thankfully, were decent in size...but it takes forever for that stuff to go through...we're just now getting the first commission. He is in search of something with steady pay that can take care of bills...but it's difficult. I'd get a job too, but we only have one car, live in the middle of nowhere and can't afford to get a sitter or pay for a nursery to watch our son. We'd ask our parents, but one of his lives out of state and one is disabled and both of mine work full time and one of them has two it's difficult. ~.~ Gomen, i don't mean to rant...i'm feeling a bit better today, though, we'll pull through...we just have to stay strong, ne?
  4. Nothing much is new . . . I'm just working for now, counting down the days until I can move back to my apartment . . .

    Why have you been down, Sei-chan? Money troubles? Have you cut back on things? I know that groceries and gas prices are just out of this world right now, but have you started the painful slope of sacrifices?
  5. arigatou ^.^ So what's new latly? Personally i've been a little down and worried...financially speaking...i've been remaining positive until i can hardly sleep ~.~ It's hard staying positive.
  6. Ah, well . . . then, good for you for waiting to have your child. That's admirable.
  7. I hear you on the decline of grammer when it comes to messengers.....i don't do that texty...abbreviated everything crap, though...i hate, too, makes me want to b!#ch slap a few people ^_^ And as for the toddler thing...if i'd had him that much sooner i would have still been in High School....and i didn't know my husband then O.o
  8. I still blame you. It's your fault he's a toddler. Maybe you should have had him sooner so he'd be in school by now, eh? I don't use instant messengers . . . the decline of grammar literally makes me cry.
  9. *tackles* blame me, ne? Tenchu-kun? XD *smothers with affection* lol , i'm never on because i am a stay at home mom with a toddler, i only get on when he's asleep. Gomen, ne? If you can catch me on one of my messengers, if you have them. Tag ya latter, Tenchu-san. ^_~
  10. Tag yourself, goofy. Why are you never on when I want to bother someone?! I blame you. I blame you for everything. Even the dinosaurs. Your fault.
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