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About DivineEshaShadow
Name: Haruhikoe Esha (last, first)

Age: 117

Race: Demon

Abilities: Superior strength and agility. Has elongated, sharp fangs, bat wings, and claws that are kept hidden. Has enhanced sight and smell. Can revive the dead at will.

Weapon:Dual Kopesh Swords along with standard Kunai and Ninja Stars for long range attacks.

Gender: Female

Side: Neutral

Appearance: *see profile picture*

Personality: Esha has changed since her previous years. She used to be cold hearted and full of hatred and vengence. But since traveling with her newly found love, she has become more open with others and has finally found at least something close to happiness. She still holds a slight grudge and mistrust for Humans for the death of her brother however not enough where she would hold a murderous intent over them. She has fallen madly in love with a Vampire and lives to protect him without his knowledge. At times she becomes jealous of other women around him and wishes she could make contact with him but always chooses not to. This is something she needs to work on.

Bio: She had always known she was strong, ever since childhood other children had a look of fear in their eyes when they saw her coming over. Because they feared her, she never had a true friend in the Human world. She was branded a freak because she claimed to see spirits and large black ghosts which she later found were to be Demons. Evil ones. Even though nobody was her friend, she continued to be a sweet and kind girl. Her brother would protect her and keep her from harm until the day he was killed by Humans for the money in his pocket. Parents always hit and hurt her because she had no family and often stole from houses to get food, but she never did get angry with anyone. When her powers were awakened at age 17, she left the streets of Chicago and met a Vampire along the way. For a few moments he spoke with her about the Humans and what had in store for them. She yelled at him and told him to find compassion, for humans were not all bad. Angry, he vanished and left her alone once more. Days later when she found him she continued to keep other demons at bay and other evils away from him. She was aware of his ability to fend for himself, however, she could not stand to see his life in danger. Weeks later, she fell in love with him and has followed him for the past hundred years, seemingly unnoticed. she watched over him just like her brother once did for her.
In the shadows.
sleeping, eating, training, watching her true love.
Favorite Anime
Ao no Exorcist


DivineEshaShadow "I love him that with him all deaths I could endure. Without him I live no life."


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