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  1. Saw you dropped by, sorry I have not been on. So what's up man?
  2. Chill... all is good, she thought you were upset with her..... no worries, right.
  3. ... who did i yell at? i am in a state of 0.o confuetion
  4. Umm neither, I suppose. Your pick-up lines (my friends words) were disrespectful, so having a little fun poked your way, was a good life lesson.

    As I said to you, you need to back up a couple of steps, and relax. Also you need to not yell at her, you have a problem , you come directly to me, okay. I'm a nice guy.

    Look... as I said... you can learn from this, and perhaps we can all be friends out of this.


    you can act like a child... like the noob you say you are not (note noob means newbie, which is your title).

    Which will it be?
  5. dang sorry meant to send that via PM... lol.... sorry we are all laughing here and it distracted me.
  6. i dont know if u complementing me or isusting but im 16
  7. So how old are you any-hoo...........................................
  8. ay way who u calling a noob natien me yama un noob ok este mexicano no se yama un noob ok so watch wat u call poeple ok
  9. So my friend tells me you like to call her sweets. I also hear you like to call yourself candy.... Such a cute little noob. I like candy.... lol .... *grins* mind who you try your pick-up lines on... you may find another answers the call. *winks*
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