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  1. i know and i havent cut since last year but i have so many scars on my wrists from it last year that just the sight of them bothers me thats why i put cover up on them during the day also so no one else sees them :/
  2. why should you take the stress for something between two other people? Just let them settle it by themselves, if it bothers you to the point of cutting, you really shouldn't involve yourself. :/
  3. Mhm it just puts a lot of stress on mynshoulders though and then it really doesn't end well cause thn I end up flipping out on them and I end up walking away and going and doing something stupid =\ *hides my wrist s and begins to cry* so many scars!!
  4. oh, couple friends mad at each other or something? I try to stay out of my friends' quarrels. Even if my best friend is on one side. Moderating sucks, usually I take my own side: they're being idiots that need to make-up.
  5. oh like me and my friends are arguing alot lately and its just been driving me crazy cause i cant talk to any of them with out the other one thinking that im takeing there side
  6. uh, 'ship trouble'? I'm not sure I know what you mean.
  7. no more like friends ship trouble but its ok ill live its not like im gonna least i dont think haha
  8. how come you were crying? Boy trouble or something?
  9. No I didn't and no I spent most kf the weekend at my bestys house cryingmy eyes out....
  10. aww, you didn't enjoy yourself this weekend? Just nothing going on?
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