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  1. lol bite marks are sometimes amazing and yeah go ahead and ask
  2. Yea haha but he left a bite mark . He's sooo mean. Can I ask you a QUESTION?
  3. aww did you hit him onthe nose lol and yeah you just got to traom dpgs sp tjeu aomt ,eam
  4. Cool and ow my dog just bit my leg my dogs mean
  5. lol all good same here way to many to count main ones being Black Lagoon Most of the Gundams, Outlaw star, Trigun and Bebop
  6. Hahaha yea and idk to many to count ummm Gundam cowboy bebop and death note Hbu??
  7. Lol it always sucks to be cold an bored so what all animes do you like to watch
  8. Yes it is hahaha and nice name Zach and nutin I'm cold and bored
  9. Curiosity is always fun and my name is Zach you can either call me that or you can call me Mecha your prefence nothing much here how about you
  10. Hey I saw my visitorss thing and ur screen name so out of natural curriosity I clicked on it hahaha I'm carlie but plz call me doc what's up
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