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  1. I did and plus I don't want you to e I just wat you here to protect me!!!!!!!! And its ok
  2. Yea he is staying at my house tonight I'm terrified to go to sleep!!!!!!!! Why does he have to stay and why do you have to be so far away u need to be here wit me exspecially to keep my cousin away!!!!!!! *frowns*
  3. Nothing really talking to the most amazing guy ever and trying not tk get snow shoved down my cami (my weird guy cousin again) O_o he is seriously starting to scare me
  4. I hope so its sappouse to and yea to bad plus I wouldn't have a chance to wear anyhing if you were here!!!!!!! hehehe
  5. oh yeah now that gives me a good image in my head to bad i cant be there so you dont need anything on
  6. Thanks butt I should probably should put on a t-shirt cause I'm only wearing my black lace cami and my blue fuzzy pants hee
  7. lol *hugs your to warm you and massages your body to warm you up*
  8. I know you do except now my hair is really wet haahahahhahahahah and like my skin is cold
  9. lol wish i could smell and your freshly showered self
  10. *laughs smilz and hugz u back* ok I just gotta put this out there but I smell amazing I smell like vanilla bean!!!
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