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  1. lol what would make it more awkward is if you were horny during that time
  2. Ohhhhhh okkkkkk me and my cousin are killing each other now we've got into 7 wrestling matches and he pins me every time! Its akward haveing ur cousin on top of you *laughs*
  3. I root for the browns and *continues runnning my hands through your hair*
  4. What's ur team and yay I love the steelers all my family is rooting for Green Bay *gags at the name* and I'm the only Steelers fan so my team better win cause if not my family won't ever let me live it down *plays with my hair* hehe
  5. yeah well not really but in this case my main team never made it to the playoffs so i am rooting for the steelers and i bet it is that woudl be nice
  6. My hair is soft hehehe *giggles* and why cause ur a steelers fan?? Hahaaha I am!
  7. *runs my hands through your hair* yes i am and it is pissing me off
  8. Oh baby *rests my head against ur chest and kisses ur chest* are u watchin the super bowl????
  9. lol and yes i will say whatever you want to send of a picc of you lol and stuff you got my email now
  10. Its ok and I will try andnever say what ever I want cause id get in mega trouble hehehehe *giggles and bites my bottom lip*
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