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  1. i just finished it actually.yesterday.we were working with boyfriend(his name is gauge)kept rubbing it on my face.that stuff doesnt come off easy;(i drew my cat.i got to hang it in the hallway along with my portrait of garard way.
  2. Good and art? Cool I love art I love drawing and oh ur boyfriend needs to stop distracting you XD hahah and I'm fine working on my painting
  3. im great thank you.trying to finish up my art being really slow on it for some boyfriend keeps destracting me.ho ware you?
  4. Yay hahahahaha sooo any who what's up how are you??????????????????
  5. ^u^hello name is love to be friends.
  6. Hi my name is Carlie but plz call me doc would you like to be friemds??????????????????????????
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