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  1. I just clicked on that OMG!!!! HAHAAHAHA!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!! XD *can't breath is laughing to hard*
  2. What on gods green earth are you talking about boy??? O_o *is sure about anything*
  3. Oh ok haah nd nothing thatbyou want to to know about hahahahhaaahhhha
  4. im not in collage yet i want to go but furst i want to figure out what i want to do im stuck betwean 3 choises robotics enginear, explosives expert, or terapist and what are you 2 doing you perv
  5. You suck at spelling! And ur in college!!!! Oh btw mmy bestt friend is laying on top of me!!!! XD
  6. *trows dore at you and takes meat back* ..............................
  7. *hides it in my shirt* you better not reach for that or your gonna be missin a hand
  8. *yels in a loud booming voise no one takes my meat chases you down and busts trew the dor and takes meat back*
  9. *steals ur meat and runs away from you and hides in the bathtub and slowly eats the meat*
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