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  1. aahh.. just watch tv ,, bout you? are u fine??............... ^^
  2. hay, so what are you doing this weekend??????????????????????????????
  3. hay, how are you doing????????????????????????????????????????????? ?
  4. hey there Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ahh.. you mean the poem???? honestly its good!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!!! what is your inspiration in writing that??
  6. lol i put the poem on the poems list, go and look at the poem.
  7. change what?????????????????????????????????............. ...
  8. do i need to change anything???????????????????????????????????
  9. lol. good luck to you as well, im on the computer trying to come up with a poem.
  10. well, i do have an entrance exam for college but its on july and Im preparing for it... oh my gosh! goodluck for the both of us!!!!!!! what are you up to now?
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