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  1. I was looking into that, they have something called bio metals i dont know if you heard of that, they were recently discovered it alows for the cells to be stronger and form more closly together. though they are not being used expirimentaly yet. but yes you can create a metal that is stronger then anything else but also you can set a maluability, density, flexablility and size of it. only recently some individuals created piping that was 100 times lighter then stirophome.
    I am glad to meet someone that is inteligent as yourself
  2. it pertains to altering metals changing structure at the nanoscopic level, altering the composition of the metal. It is fine it is an uncommon term and field. How rude of me -bows-I go bye many names there is; Dragons2801, Jacob, Loss or lord loss depending on the sight, all my friends call me Jacob or Loss or dragon.
    It is a pleasure to meet you Tifa. ^.^
  3. What does Metalargical Engineering pertain to? lol, and I apologize if I skewered the spelling of Metalargical; XD it is an unfamiliar word to me. So what name do you go by?
    I am oft referred to as Blair or Genevieve when online and Tifa in real life or by those who know me over the internet. :3
  4. That is impressive, congrats and keep striving tward your dreams. I enjoy those things but i canot draw very well it is frusterating;p I love the outdoors, poetry, reading, writing, am in college studying for Metalergical engeneering.
  5. Of course. :3
    The basic things about me are that I'm working towards an Associate's Degree in Photography and I love to write, to draw, and to read. Though I think that I'm all around diverse in what I do because I love to do all sorts of things. :3
    I love poetry; to read and to write it.
    I love art because it's beautiful no matter what type it is; like the expressions of one's soul portrayed onto paper.
    The emotion of it can sometimes be so... dramatic.
    Ooh, lol, I love music too. All types with the exception of rap and some bluegrass and jazz. Just not my stuff. XD
  6. ^^ I am glad to be friends with you. would you tell me about yourself?
  7. I am very good; it is so nice to meet you so of course we can be friends. :3
  8. Hello how are you? May i ask if you would like to be friends?
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