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  1. I'm just a fan of it all, the Japanese language, and the cultures. I also love the characters they come up with.
  2. no. may i ask what you like most about anime and manga?
  3. I don't really know the anime genres, so I don't know if I have a favorite.
  4. nice, hum what is your fave ganera???????????????????????????????
  5. I have many favorite anime, but I am currently watching Bleach, Durarrara, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kekkaishi, and Fooly Cooly
  6. well that is nice to hear. may i ask what your fave anime? and what anime you are currently watching?
  7. I'm sixteen years old, a junior in highschool, and looking for some friends and people to talk to about anime.
  8. It is nice to meet you Trevor. May i ask you to tell me about yourself?
  9. My username is Darkbird the Scarred, but if you were refering to my real name, it's Trevor.
  10. Well thank you. May i ask your name? I am Jacob.......
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