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  1. Hi how are you doing. What is you fav naruto character-un. Mine has to be Kankuro-sama. He is kind of cuter then his brother Gaara-un.
  2. hay im doing prety well. are you reading the shippuden? some of my faves would be basilisk, cromeshelled rigos, naruto shippuden, kamen no maid guy, helsing. wbu?
  3. Hi how are you doing today. I was just readaing Naruto episodes. what are your favorite animes?
  4. im doing prety good. im going to study and then watch some anime. my fave character would have to be Ahsitaka from Princess mononoke. he is very round and dynamic. so what you doing this weekend
  5. Hio how are you doing. what are you planning to dao today. i love Kankuro what is your favorite anime character.
  6. lol that sounds like it herts. my weekend went well i had to study for most of it. how was your weekend?
  7. I am doing ok. How was your weekend my friend? I almost broke my arm. It was funny. A fat chick landed on me and my face was inprinted in the snow. =3 it was funny. I looked like a chipmunk.
  8. snow!!!! you dont need to shovel just make many snow angels down the sidewalk and it will pack and clear the snow so how are you my friend?
  9. Hello how are you doing. It is going to snow tonight. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHh i have to shovel. This sucks!
  10. lol it is a great series and also FMAB the movie when they are in different worlds.
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