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  1. You will have to show me the drawing, it sounds awesome. ive been well. ive been studying for a couple tests that i have to do. so what anime you been watching laitly?
  2. i am good, how bout you?
    i have been working onmy art project, its naru's and keitaro's wedding but the wedding guests are all sorts of manga/anime characters.
    wat have you been doing lately?
  3. how are you? what have
    you been doing????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????
  4. mine is rosario vampire. do u have any manga suggestions for me that includes vampires?
  5. hello my fave anime is between 07 ghost, Utuwarromono, and samori seven, fave manga would be kazi no stigma.
  6. thx for addin me as a friend. wats your fave anime?fave manga?
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