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  1. well thank you. Yeah they are. Those made me want to continue watching more. What kind of anime do you watch? I will try to catch up with some of my friends,just relax and practice some writing(maybe),sleep a ton from all the stress of school and chill with my family. What about you?
  2. That is amaising, you are indeed god at it. those are good anime. what you doing this christmas?
  3. hello Jacob. I am well you? sure well I am currently watching ''When They cry'' and I have watched all of Death Note,some of Sailor Moon,Most of Tokyo Mew Mew,MM,and so far that is it. I used to write stories when I was little for school, but didn't like it that much.Then middle school came and in 7th grade I wrote one called ''Life'' and from then on I started writing.
  4. hello my name is jacob, how are you? might i ask some of your fave anime? and also ask when you started writing poetry?
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