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  1. im not to picky about the anime i watch so long as its intresting to me ill watch it... and yea samuri anime are really what anime are you currently watching at the moment... im catching back up on naruto since i stopped reading and watching about 4 months ago so im pretty busy.. well take care draven and have a nice day laterz
  2. I don't mind you calling me draven. So you live in a dust bowl? I know what thats like. What is your favorite anime? I like all kind but my favorite type are the ones that take place back in the time of the samurai. Well I'll talk to you later.
  3. hey nice to meet you draven... hope you dont mind me calling you that... thanks for wanting to be my friend...and by the way love the pic on appleseed...sweet anime... well thanks again and hop you have a nice day well take care laterz draven....
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