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  1. Hi friend.
  2. Yep, it was probably the wind's fault =P Kedar!!! I can't believe I can log in here again!!! How are you??? Oh my.... so many htings have happened lately, but I hope that we'll catch up on each other soon >___< Please take care, my friend ^^ *hugz*
  3. Did the wind forget to carry my message across to you?
  4. No, actually... >___< Did you? Where did you send it, Kedar? @_@
  5. Thank you, eleonne!
    Did you hear me greeting you happy birthday?
  6. Your birthday's about to come up! Happy birthday, Kedar!!! ^___^ *hugz*
  7. I rarely see you posting on the boards anymore; I miss reading your posts very much. v.v
  8. You sure are a toughie! =P
  9. Haha, my feet doesn't hurt now; it has stopped hurting only since yesterday. I guess it has gotten used to it now ^^
  10. Yeah, thanks, I will! And you worry about taking care of your feet now. =P
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