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  1. Hey what's up? it's been a long time since i've been here. how were things here? =}
  2. lol.................that's's good your catching up and your mangas lol.^_^
  3. ı wrote so many wrong words sorry
  4. well ı startes reading sweet black it is bot so good but ı love its manaka's drawnings and ı love highschool debut do you know it its so funny like walflower but latter is funnier
  5. hey, how's it going? I havn't heard from you any good mangas yet?
  6. it's a very good site...this where i read Naruto new chapters come out every week
  7. ı know onemanga... where do you read from
  8. yup...have you read the latest chap of vampire knights? just asking if you didn't there's a good site where you can read it.
  9. hi ı have read vampire knight of course ı love zero
  10. Vampires are way cool!! haveyou read Vampire knights? it's a manga but it's really good
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