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  1. yeah, its really nice talking to you also. your very welcome. ttyl ^_^ byez.
  2. yep.. oh btw its really nice to meet you and talk to you.. thanks for adding me up here.. im gonna leave now because ive got other things to do.. thanks again for the time.. catch you next time!!..
  3. oh ok well you don't have to go to drivers school you know that right? all you have to do is take a test to get ur temps. then later down the road that ur drivers test to get ur license.
  4. too bad yes.. i was too busy during this summer that there's no room for driving lessons and its not gonna suck so much because i was planning on not thinking about it too much.. lol..
  5. oh well thats sad that you have ta wait longer just to get them taht has to suck.... so its that bad ur really that busy?
  6. i thought so.. i don't have such yet and i think i wouldn't have till next vacation because of lack of time..
  7. yeah temps is kinda like a license sept when having temps you need a parent or someone 21 or older with you to drive having you actual license you don't need anyone with you. yeah your a yr older then me. ^^
  8. umm sorry for asking this but is that like a license?.. i think im older than you because i was born in 1991 but were both 18 now.. ))))
  9. yeah, camping is fun so do you even have your temps yet? how old are you?.?
  10. nice!.. camping.. i think that going to be fun than going to an assembly.. u know what.. i was planning on having driving lessons but im a bit busy last month and i never got the chance to enroll.. thats just too
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