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  1. oh kool yeah i hate going to school assemblys i never go to them hardly lol. umm i might be going camping this weekend and pratice driving my moms car a lil more cause i got my temps not to long ago ^^ pluse theres alot to do at the camper.
  2. I actually didn't planned for anything because i also want a free day but i have an assembly to attend this saturday.. im actually having doubts on coming because im too lazy to come but if ever a friend insisted.. i might change my mind.. lol.. what about u?..
  3. oh kool sounds fun. umm just goffying around on the computer for 2 of my classes there is nothing to do much really its been mostly a free day at school thank god i don't even feel like doing anything lol. so what chu doing this weekend?.?
  4. im okay just browsing through sites and enjoying myelf.. how bout you?
  5. hello nicole its very nice meeting you. ^^ so how are you?.?
  6. hello jenny!.. sure lets be friends.. )) btw you can call me nicole if you want.. )) i'm fine today my friend just told me something which made me feel a little anxious but im okay.. how bout you?
  7. helloooo elocinixcz123 how are you today? i'm jenny wanna be friends?
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