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  1. oh good thanx for accepting cya again soon an nice to meet ya
  2. okie.. idk now i know you tolerate anything but.. i am still frightened a lil

    plus i am atheist, you think me a sinner, heirtic etc why do wanna be my friend?

    lmk add me if ya want to cause your settings don't have the "add "friend option
  3. hello again did you get my last Vm? lmk soon i said we can be friends, as long as you ain't too religous

    an i explained that i have mental problems, an i become afraid easy so drop me line soon hope to hear from ya soon
  4. sure we can be friends as long as ya can tolerate mental liness an the fact that i am an adult woman
  5. i see you visited my profile any reason why? Hello I am Raven i am an adult woman

    drop me a visitor message soon cya
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