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  1. hey i miss talkin to you
    what hav you been up to
    miss you.............................
  2. hey i feel like i've been distant from you, and i miss you we need to catch up,i'll try to be on more,well hope to see you soon love you byez
  3. hum no i wont im ok with you but i will do what you want so you do got to worrie
  4. why wood i do that for you and me is a good thing not a bad so no i wont
  5. i guess but am going to call at an exact time,how about today at around 7:00 and give me the # again so i can see if i got it right
  6. what hummm that odd well im srooy about that can you plz call one moure time for me plz
  7. hey we did call you but some lady picked up and everytime she said hold on i think she hung up
  8. was up you did not call me im a little sad now oh man oh well hopefully you will soon
  9. ok well i will be wateing ok bye bye see yah so whats up
  10. well get back to you with the call we look forward to it
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