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  1. alright kool ill add you some time on aim scince i only hav one person on there lol
  2. Ah, cool! I gave AIM, too. If you want you can add me. my screenname is Tfate333
  3. umm yea i have a aim im probly on it at my house comp but im at school now so im not on an if i get offline thats cause i got pe an then english class next lol
  4. DEATH NOTE= AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Do you have a messenger?
  5. bleach an naruto are so good lol . yea i like romances an drama to lol idk what eles there is that ive read ive sorta forgotten lol oh death note is super sweet
  6. hmmm. idk if i rly stick to a type but i like reading vampire knight an bleach an som other things but right now im trying to find this one anime called confidental confessions but its hard to find
  7. hi hehe nice to meet you to its goin fine an nothing much is up lol
  8. Hiya! Niceee to meet you! How are you and what's up?
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