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  1. well i hope you like it. i'm usually don't let people read my stories so this is a first for me.
  2. hehe sweet ill check in out when i geta chance hehe
  3. hey,well as far as i know nothing much has been going on. but i have posted one of my stories (Angel's Blooming) incase you'd like to read it
  4. hay whats up i havent talked to any one in a while an no ones sent me any messages so i feel alone lol so wat u been up to
  5. hmmm idk i try to find somthing that reflectes me an my personalty lol but im not sut i could do that caus it probly be verry dark
  6. ya know i'm like so jealous over eveyone's avatars cause the ones i pick are always so plain. but ah i am a plain person so i just my avatars suit me.
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