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  1. yea i only get a half of day wed an thursday an friday off so ehh oh well an yea i hope they dont either i hope my bf stopps bugging me an stuff to or im just about finish with him an his childish ways uhh
  2. My brothers get the entire week off, I just get Thirsday and Friday. I hope your friends don't bug you to much.
  3. lol nice hehe i know i cant wait either i can get time off from school an my friends wich i need cause there deiving me up a wall lol
  4. Nothing really much. Working is all while I eat lunch... I am so looking forward to the big turky day this week.
  5. heheh yours welcome that i added you lol so whats up with you hehe
  6. Thank you very much for the add, if you even want to chat just give me a shout.
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