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  1. ( ^o^)/ hey Emo! nothing much! Soshi and i had an adventure at Little Tokyo~

    how about you? anything cool happen lately?
  2. hi Abu, what's up?
  3. ya know, i was wondering the same thing!!
    i hope not though, cuz that would be pretty scandalous if it was~

    do you know any other sites he was on?
  4. Okay, thanks, I was just wondering. Do you think it has anything to do with the thread that princesslady had?
    (Sorry if it's none of my business, just miss Rave)
  5. no, 'fraid not~
    the Legend seems to know the details, but he doesn't seem like he'll hand 'em out~

  6. Hey Abu, do you know what happened to Rave_Grip?___________
  7. "This is like telling Asians only white people can dress up for Halloween."

    major props!!
  8. hey cool! i shop at J-list too!!
    current obbsessions include Lucky Star dollies and Mameshiba products!
    them little bean-dogs is so cute!!
  9. thanks for helping make April Fool's awesome!!

  10. lol, thank you. i don't know why they closed it...
    i didn't think it was spam, i just stated why i had a slight disliking to
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