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  1. Wow I feel so stupid as a senior to not know that lol. Psychology is cool. What does do now?
  2. A dual is a double degree. Like my mom's was psychology and business. More work, but hell you get two degrees.
  3. Whats a dual degree?
    Drawing is cool. Maybe you should do that. Oh in my computer graphics class we use photoshop and its fun and awesome ^_^. I never used the program so yeah. I'm a pretty good drawer too but I don't take interest in art so yeah.
  4. Cool. do you mean like dual degrees? I'm going into Film Directing with a minor in drawing or acting, can't decide which.
  5. Well I might when in college. But because my school pushes the students into a major to already have, I picked political science. I heard you can have two majors in college though so I'm considering that too. How about you?
  6. You lost me at Probability and Statistics XD. But you get a free period with all of that? Whoa. Do you plan on going into computer related stuff?
  7. Whoa six classes. I have Computer graphics2, English4, and Probability and Statistics. I have a free 2nd period, its awesome ^_^
  8. No, but my half my family does. Been there, liked it, but couldn't stay. My classes? Just Algebra, Geology, World History, PE, Film, and Drama. You?
  9. You should at least apply yourself to stay awake. Oh you said your family is British. Do you live there?
    What classes do you take?
  10. 10th. It's cool though, I get some notes later. Plus, half of these are the classes you can kind of BS through if the teacher likes you.
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