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  1. What? You shouldn't sleep in class. I mean you have to learn at least something by the end of the period. What grade are you in?
  2. I think it's a happy dancing freak out. XD

    Sleepies? That's a bummer. I sleep through...all classes as a normal routine.
  3. Yeah I'm not sure if the guy is dancing or if its a repitition of a freaking out moment. Its funny though. ^_^
    So yeah I was so sleepy from coming after school. Oh and during grammer activities at school. Anyway, the point is I get sleepy as hell that its becoming a routine to sleep for at least 2 hours after school.
  4. My avatar? It's from the British comedy show the Mighty Boosh. The character is Vince Noir. It's funny looking all lined up in a row, huh?
  5. Thats cool. And no I just assumed. What is your avatar about?
  6. Nope, but I my family history is very British. Why do you ask? (Is it the Boosh avatar?) XD
  7. Oh hi! And yeah I'm sure you're not like that for real. ^_^
    Are you Australian by any chance?
  8. No offense taken, mate. I guess I've be killing people with utensils now.
  9. You look like the little boy who played Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween. No offense intended.
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