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  1. yea im really close lol if i just keep posting ill be there in no time ^^
  2. cool! seriously try to make so we can be elite member buddies and u can get a journal and stuff
  3. ive been alright lol im almost to my 500th post!!!!
  4. hey, i'm just temporarily moving to a friends house. so been busy. You?
  5. HEY
    whats been going on with you lately? =]
  6. lol ^^ just read our conversations back and forth =/ ^^ i have a major temper tantrum lol
  7. wow. this entire situation has told me to never f**k with you. =p

    Anyway, what exactly happened?
  8. yea i know right ^^ 28 year old ass man who watches porn no girl and surf a damn kids site >.< pussy ass nigga let him chop on that i just wanna chop him up so bad lol
  9. daaaaamn girl.(way to go =]) Yeah, he can be a jerk, but I guess that's just how he is. Just don't let him piss you too bad, I wouldn't want to see a fight on my page. =p
  10. he a bitch ass nigga im sorry but dude need to check who the **** he talking to hes such an old ass wanna start shit cuz my friend logged on my page and sent him a visitor message i dont give a ****. 28 yr old ass need to grow up and get married do something stupid ass and whats so ****in funny? I DONT CARE. he wanna charge me up? ima charge him right back. this stupid ass nigga better get the hint
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