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  1. ok weel at less i did not make you mad at all so whos your day today
  2. thanx, and it's okay, im not pissed. it's actually a quite common mistake.
  3. oh hum......*looks around at nothing* srooy man i did not mean that is your name what cought me off gard well you are mad at me for doing that and you have my apolagzes for me doing that but i must say you have good taste caz well emo's rock man see yah
  4. is that emo chick you whats cool and thanks those roses are mine give you me my my firend and goth is cool too so how are you
  5. of course ill be emo friends. only im pretty much 1/2 goth too. whatever.. any way if u want check out my pictures, it has a cool emo chick on it. by the way, the black roses are tight.
  6. hi emo is me emo is you so do you want to be emo firends
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