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  1. yea i get that but still. if we showed we were going to show no mery or forgiveness no surrened no second chance. then they would fear even the corrupt will have to work more secretly if they wish to live...
  2. That's a good point, but like I said its like the French Revolution all over again. Destroying corruption and human decadence. Good concept, but you can't stop it all the time, it's in our nature to become corrupt. Atheism and all other forms of religion suggest it.
  3. thats exactly what i mean. i do mean death cuz by showing that we wont stand of it we will set an example out of them.
  4. Depends on how you describe 'wipe out', because there's no certain way to do it except death. Then you get 'Operation Guillotine' from Eagle Eye. Which wasn't a bad concept, and it's practical, but it's suggesting we take from the French revolution over and over, which would just end in a lot of death.
    But even if you wipe out corruption once, it will spring back again. It's not exactly like it will remain 'clean'. It's a hard concept because half the people who are in charge of stopping corruption are corrupt.
  5. so answer this for me would you if you could, would you wipe out most the corrupt and give this world a second chance?
  6. ok, I got you now. When most people talk about changing the world normally theyre out to save it or whatever. Corruption is hard though, because half the people wanting to stop it become corrupt themselves, but I guess thats a little cliche.
  7. but you still dont understand i only talked about changing the world i dont plan making it better i never said that i plan on the world a better place to live but i do plan on making this world lose most of its corrupt and disbelieve people.
  8. I understand your point, and I appreciate it because it is optimistic, but I think you have to realize that's still the minority. The majority of people are crime ridden, corrupt, and you speak as some with a good mind. All I was trying to state was that humanity as a whole cannot change. We are supposed to be imperfect, and with imperfections come crimes. A Utopia simply is not human nature. We want to conquer, corrupt and more. So even if there are many people who want to change it, its not a reality. Mainly because many people are not a majority. And a majority is not humanity as a whole.
  9. hey i was reading your post in the cyber lounge and i like what you had to say but i dont agree fully because i know i am just one person but there are many people who are like me and would join me to change the world. N im not trying to be a D!ck but yea and another thing would you liek to be my friend if not then it cool well laters
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